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Simon has been interested in the underwater world from a young age. His passion for the ocean stems from watching his parents scuba dive in Sri Lanka whilst he floated above on his body board. As soon as he started scuba diving himself, he was hooked and immediately took his PADI Divemaster and Instructor courses in Australia when he turned 18. After graduating with a MSci in Marine Biology from the University of Southampton, Simon's focus has moved towards ecology and conservation of shark and ray species. His work on whale sharks has been presented at the 2015 European Elasmobranch Association and 4th International Whale Shark Conference 2016.


As a keen photographer, Alistair's foremost passion revolves around both topside and underwater photography. Having graduated with a degree in Marine Biology from the University of Southampton, marine conservation continues to take a primary role in his interests. Qualifying as a PADI OWSI in 2009, he also has experience working as dive and science staff at various conservation projects in Indonesia, as well as conducting research and survey dives around the world. Since graduating, Alistair is now employed as a training Deck Officer in the Merchant Navy, studying at Warsash Maritime Academy.

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